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Hazards Data Distribution System (HDDS) Explorer - Metadata - EVENT1090 - 1170143

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Data Set Attribute Attribute Value
EO Scene ID WV02S41_317560W072_5272082015042300000000MS00
Entity ID 1170143
Acquisition Date 2015-04-23
Acquisition Time 14:43:13
Load Date 2015-04-23
Vendor Scene ID 15APR23144313-M1BS-500303939010_01_P002
Vendor Digital_Globe
Vendor Process Level LV1B
Event 201504_Volcano_Calbuco_CHL
Agency NGA
Platform Number 2
Batch 201504_Volcano_Calbuco_CHL_NGA_WV02_23Apr15_4_Scenes
Sensor MSI
Sensor Type Multi-spectral
Processing Level Unknown
Map Projection GEOGRAPHIC
Restricted Data Yes
License Type NEXTVIEW
File Format GEOTIFF
Number of bands 8
Browse bands (RGB) 004003002
Mosaic No
Datum WGS84
Sun Azimuth 35.5
Sun Elevation 29
Incidence Angle 31.4
Cloud Cover
Pixel Size X 0.000027
Pixel Size Y 0.000027
Pixel Size Units DEG
Bits per Pixel 11
Software Version 3.3.14
Center Latitude 41°19'02.76"S
Center Longitude 72°31'37.52"W
NW Corner Lat 41°14'06.71"S
NW Corner Long 72°39'00.55"W
NE Corner Lat 41°14'06.71"S
NE Corner Long 72°24'14.50"W
SE Corner Lat 41°23'58.82"S
SE Corner Long 72°24'14.50"W
SW Corner Lat 41°23'58.82"S
SW Corner Long 72°39'00.55"W
Center Latitude dec -41.317433
Center Longitude dec -72.52709
NW Corner Lat dec -41.235196
NW Corner Long dec -72.650152
NE Corner Lat dec -41.235196
NE Corner Long dec -72.404027
SE Corner Lat dec -41.399671
SE Corner Long dec -72.404027
SW Corner Lat dec -41.399671
SW Corner Long dec -72.650152
Catalog ID 1030010040C4BC00
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